Friday, November 21, 2014

Amy Adams

Amy Adams Amy Adams is a very popular and famous American actress. She has become very popular for her excellent performance. She is a successful actress in America. She has lots of fans. She has worked on many programs. At first she has started her career by the stage performing in dinner theatre. She moved to Los Angeles and then she appeared in television series as a guest. She keeps good roles in B movies. At first, she has received five Academy Award nominations for the Best Supporting Actress. And she has got a second Academy Award. She was in the fifth Oscar nomination. Adams Personal Fact: Date of Birth- 20 August, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy Birth Name- Amy Lou Adams Height- 5' 4" (1.63 m) Nationality- American Hair Color Blonde Education- Graduated from Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado Amy Adams Family Father Richard Adams Mother Kathryn Adams Brother Eddie Adams (actor) Relation Darren Le Gallo (actor, engaged 24-Jul-08) Daughter Aviana Olea Legallo (b. 15-May-10) Early Life: Amy was the 4th children out of 7. She has 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Her father was a service holder of the US. She studied in high school. Her parents thought to continue athletic training. Because ifshe would get a scholarship to obtain a scholarship. But Amy decided not to go to school. After completing her graduate from high school, she went to Atlanta with her mother. And she entered in theater. And finally she started her acting career. Career: Adams started her career as a theater dancer in very early age. She started very professionally. She acted in a comedy film name Drop Dead Gorgeous in 1999. And it was her first film role. Amy appeared in small television series from 2000-2002. She acted in small films like That 70s Show, Psycho Beach Party, Charmed, The office, small Ville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the West Wing. Then she started acting in television series King of the Hill as well as The Last Run in 2004. After all, she becomes regular in Dr. Vegas television series. Successful Career: In 30 years old, she was very highly depressed about her career life. She could not be enoughsuccessful actors. But fate makes her lucky. She was a sign in contact for films at the lowest rate. Every film started becoming very popular. Every film of hers is very interesting. Amy isshowing the excellent and outstanding performance in the film. After all, she has started her successful career. Here some successful film lists. Successful Film Lists: Some successful film lists are. Big Eyes (2014) Stars as Margaret Keane Get It While You Can (2014) Stars as Janis Joplin Lullaby (2014) Stars as Emily Man of Steel (2013) Stars as Lois Lane Her (2013) Stars as Amy American Hustle (2013) Stars as Sydney Prosser / Lady Edith Greensly Trouble with the Curve (2012) Stars as Mickey The Master (2012) Stars as Mary Sue Dodd The Muppets (2011) Stars as Mary On the Road (2011) Stars as Jane Leap Year (2010) Stars as Anna Love & Distrust (2010) - VI Stars as Charlotte Brown The Fighter (2010) Stars as Charlene Fleming Sunshine Cleaning (2009) Stars as Rose Lorkowski Julie & Julia (2009) Stars as Julie Powell Moonlight Serenade (2009) Stars as Chloe Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008) Stars as Delysia Lafosse Doubt (2008) Stars as Sister James Enchanted (2007) Stars as Princess Giselle Charlie Wilson's War (2007) Stars as Bonnie Bach Underdog (2007) Stars as 'Sweet' Polly Purebred Standing Still (2006) Stars as Elise Junebug (2005) Stars as Ashley Johnsten The Wedding Date (2005) Stars as Amy The Last Run (2004) Stars as Alexis King of the Hill (2004) - TV Stars as Merilynn / Misty / Sunshine Dr. Vegas (2004) - TV Stars as Alice Doherty Catch Me If You Can (2002) Stars as Brenda Strong Serving Sara (2002) (Germany) Stars as Kate The Slaughter Rule (2002) Stars as Doreen Pumpkin (2002) Stars as Alex The Chromium Hook (2000) Stars as Jill Royaltuber Psycho Beach Party (2000) Stars as Marvel Ann Achievements: For Adams successful actress in different types of films, she has received many awards. Every award makes her as a successful actress. She becomes very popular in the media world. There are some awards lists are given below. Academy Awards, USA 2014- Got nomination for Oscar Category-Actress Leading Role for American Hustle (2013) 2013- Got nomination for Oscar Category-Performance. She got an award for supporting in the roleof The Master (2012) 2011- Got nomination for Oscar Category-Best Performance. 2013- Got nomination for Oscar Category-Performance. She got received an award for supporting rolein The Master (2012) 2011- Got nomination for Oscar Category-Best Performance. 2009- Got nomination for Oscar Category-Best Performance. She received for supporting the role of Doubt (2008) 2006- Got nomination for Oscar Category-Best Performance. She received awards for the supporting role for Junebug (2005) Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2008 Won Saturn Awar Category-Best Actress for Enchanted (2007) BAFTA Awards 2014- Got nomination for BAFTA Film Award Category-Leading. She got an award for American Hustle (2013) 2013- Got nomination for BAFTA Award Category-Supporting. She got awardfor The Master (2012) 2011- Got nomination for BAFTA Film Award Category-Best. She got an awardfor The Fighter (2010) 2009- Got nomination for BAFTA Film Awar Category-Best. She got an awardfor supporting Actress for Doubt (2008) Married Life: Amy was married with actor Darren Le Gallo in 2008. Darren was her boyfriend. And Amy has given birth of a daughter in 2010. Daughter name is Aviana Olea Le Gallo. Adams was receiving many awards. She received the 5th nomination of Oscar Academy. Finally, she became the Best Actress. To sum up, we can say that Amy was very beautiful, outstanding and sexy actress in America. Many of fans loves her very much. She is also a very cute body performer in the media world. So, she is a great actress in the US.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The best alive programmer on the earth

In the present world, many programmers are being produced and many of them are very good programmers. But the question of Million Dollar is " Who is the best alive programmer on the earth?" really there is no way that can say who is the best programmer at present. Though we cannot select one individually, we can select some programmers of whose achievements and skills prove them as the upper-class programmers of the world. Today you are going to be introduced with such 14 super-class alive programmers in the world. Jon Skeet: Reason of being famous: Supper hero of the contributors in Stack overflow. Contribution and Achievement: He is a google engineer and writer of "C# in De". He replied at a rate of 450 question a month in stack overflow and deserved the highest reputation score in all time. Someone commented about him " Jon Skeer is such a programmer that when a compiler failed to compile he begged pardon from him". Or " Jon Skeet does not follow any law. It is low what he writes." Gennady Korotkevich: Reason of being famous: Amazing boy of competitive programming. Contribution and achievement: The most little participant in The International Olympiad in Informatics. When he took part in International Olympiad in Informatics he was only 11. He won 6 gold medals at a stretch from 2007 to 2012 in the competition. He was a participant of Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM) in 2013 and Facebook Hacker Cup winner than in 2014. He is still in the second position in the Codeforces and Topcodder ranking. His other name is 'Tiurist'. Nuka Shrinivas Rao said about him " Tourist was a genius". Linus Torvalds: Reason of being famous: Inventor of the open source operating system Linux. Contribution and achievement: Linus Torvalds invented Linux kernel and a version of open source control system. He got an EFF Pioneer Award in 1998, Lovelace award of British Computer Society in 2000, Millanium Technology Prize 2012 and Computer Pioneer award of IEEE computer society and so on. Moreover, he ascended Holl of fellows in Computer history museum in 2008 and Internet Hall of fames in 2012. Jeff Dean: Reason of being famous: He is called the back brain of google search indexing. Contribution and achievement: Assisted in designing many large-scale distributed systems of google and worked to materials such as Website scrolling, Indexing and Searching, Adsence, Map reduce, BigTable. He was selected by national academy of engineering in 2009. He got ACM'S SINGOPS MARK WEISTER AWARD and ACM- INFISYS FOUNDATION in computer science. John Cermack: Reason of being famous: Invented popular horror type science friction First-person shooter game DOOM in 1993. Contribution and achievement: He is the co-founder of American game development company id Software and invented player first person game such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. He contributed specially in computer graphics technology, adaptive tally referees, binary space partitioning and suppress coaching. He ascended Academy of Interactive Science Hall of Fame in 2001 and got a lifetime achievement award by achieving Game Developers Choice Awards. Dinblock said " Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake was revolting game in that time that influenced a generation of designers. Chris Morris said about him" He is the Mozart of computer codding". Richard Stallman: Reason of being famous: Inventor of Emacs, GCC. Contribution and achievement: He established GNU project and created many core tools like Emacs, GCC, GBB and GNU Make. Besides, he founded the Free Software Foundation. He got ACM's Grace Murray Hopper Award in 1990 and EFF's Pioneer Award in 1998. Petr Mitrecheve: Reason of being famous: One of the topmost programmers of all time. Contribution and achievement: He achieved a gold medal twice in the International Olympiad in Informatics. Besides, he was the TpoCoder open algorithm champion. He was a member of Facebook hacker Chou 2011 f 013 winner. He is in 4th position in TopCoder and Codeforces ranking till now. Febrice Bellard: Reason of being famous: Inventor of QEMU. Contribution and achievement: He invented a platform of QEMU, hardware emulation and varchualization; ffmpeg, Tiny C Compiler and LZEXE for multimedia information management; an excitable file compressor and many other well known open source software programs. He won obfuscated C Code Contest in 200 and 2001 and google O'Really open source Award in 2011. He had a world record of counting the greatest digit of the value of pi. Pavan Yara said " Fabfi Bellard is one of the most productive programmer of the world."

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nepal Handicraft

This article is one of the several projects of Handicraft Association of Nepal for the promotion of Nepalese art and crafts. Arts such as scroll painting and paubha paintings as well as metal solid craft of those god and goddess have been exported worldwide these days. This article is believed to satisfy the long felt need of the exporter community dealing in metal crafting and to enable them to describe it effectively and precisely. Our endeavor to publish this article is to arouse the importance of metal statues in Nepal both historically and culturally as well as to inspire Nepalese artists in creating statues in its canonical form. Making of metal statues was started since decade and have a strong bond between Nepalese and Tibetan. Most of the statues are being exported to Tibet and China, although few of them are being shipped to whole world. Metal statues are prepared in different phases; initially a model is being made and then sent it to different casting stages at the time only raw statues will be prepared in parts. Then its followed by hammering it with different accessories to form the preferred shape then designers will put different design on the metal body to look attractive and finally as per the clients requirement statues will be painted with gold, silver or putting gems on the statues or paintings. Few metal statues are Buddha, Tara, Lokeshvara, Padmasambhava, Tsongkhapa and lot more. There are different avatars of Buddha and one of the most popular is Shakyamuni Buddha. Buddha statue can be seen meditating in the “Earth touching” gesture on a lotus throne with a modern silk cloth with a viswavajra mark on it. Tara also have different avatar and one of them is green Tara. Green Tara is seated on the lotus throne in a lilita (“playful”) gesture. She is a beautiful young maiden. She has one face and two hands. Her right palm is shown whit her hands in the varadamudra because she is quick respond to the petitions of those who seek her aid. Similarly one of the popular avatars of Lokeshvara is Sahasrabhuja Lokesvara (Visva Rupa). This form of thousand armed and many-head emanation of avalokiteshvara is extremely rare. It is difficult to identify this figure as Ekadasamukha (‘eleven faced’) Lokeshvara. Guru Padmasambhava, popularly known as Guru Rinpoche, the precious teacher was a powerful Tantric Buddhist Master. He was invited to Tibet in the eight century to propagate Buddhism. Last but not least Tsongkhapa is holding a sword and a text of Prajnaparmita Sutra. His body is radiant white with a reddish glow. He sits upon the sun and the moon on the lotus throne and is crowned with a yellow hat, indicating his membership in the Gelug pa monastic order, of which he was the founder. As a whole all of above statues have their own significance and importance, this article will just let people know about the statues they wish to have. Everything is mentioned to create the strong bond between supplier and client.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Global Warming:

The tremendous amount of gas is causing a global rise in tempature, which is known as global warming. The order of importance in contributing to global warming induced by human is carbon dioxide C70% Methane C20% and other C10%. During the formation that there is various of temperature. In the beginning the earth was too hot and there was snow gradually it became cool and the temperature and climate became stable. As a result,plant and animals evolved among animal the human being is the most developed one. Being many activities started on the earth from which the lifestyle became easier and easier. However the use of modern appliances produces many more wastes including poisonous gases that affect the natural temperature. As a result there is change in climate. Since the late 1950s the period of adequate observation and from weather balloons the overall global temperature increases in the lowest layer of the atmosphere and in surface. Environmentalists were concerned that the burning of fossils fuel (Coal,Oil and Gas) was intensifying the green house effect by increasing the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the most common gas produced in fossils fuel combusting of all the green house gases carbon dioxide is the most important factor in global warming because of its relatively long life span and its it.Prevalence both as a byproduct of the fossils fuel combustion that power modern industrial systems and as part of natural cycle that can be pushed out of balance. Most scientists agree that the single most important goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emission by as much and as soon as possible. In both developed and developing human societies,much of the energy is obtained by burning biomass. The reduction of carbon dioxide emission is difficult unless some other alternative fuel sources are not found out. Another way to address the problem of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is to take advantage od the ability of plant and other organisms to remove carbon form the air and incorporate it into cell close in their tissues or into other compounds.Fro example : the reforestation of degrade non-arable land could remove carbon form the air.


The first question that strikes in mind when we think about Health is “How many of us think, we are healthy & fit? Many of you might say that yes, I am healthy since I am able to do work but healthy body doesn’t just mean the ability to work or absence of disease. World Health Organization defines Health as” a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. The term “Health” is such a wide and the most important term in living society. Health can basically be said as the complete physical and mental condition of living organisms. Health is the metabolic efficiency of living beings. It is the way to success, way to happiness, and way to contentment. A healthy person is always happy and will have a successful life. Even our cultures & religious beliefs tell us healthy body is the only asset of our life. Healthy body doesn’t only mean an individual’s health; this also includes a healthy family, healthy society & healthy environment. The important factors in order to concede healthy life is fresh air, healthy water, appropriate diet, proper sanitation, clean environment and simple hard work. Physical fitness is not complete healthy living life, healthy body also involves alert mind & wise decision making which means the way to healthy living is through the inner as well as outer fitness. We cannot call ourselves healthy unless we have positive thoughts and internal alertness. Everyone is linked to each other; we cannot consider only an individual’s health. Talking about living a healthy life, person is completely healthy only when his surrounding is healthy. So, everyone and everything around us must be kept in consideration rather than just being considerate about physical fitness. The famous saying of “Health is Wealth” is not just a saying; it is the reality of life. We consider wealth as the money we have, the expensive ornaments and their quantity but this is not the case, wealth is basically, how happy we are, how satisfied we are, how fit we are and how capable we are. Healthy person is most happy and happiness means wealth. Hence, Healthy life is happy life, Healthy life is wealthy life. According to a research in total about only 15% of population are healthy, and among that 85% left, other 15% are admitted to hospitals for treatment, the left 70% of population consider themselves to become healthy. Though they seem healthy, but they are internally suffering. In the name of modernization, people are not focusing on health issues. Human life is deteriorating; people have just been depending upon medicines for their health. They must be thinking about prevention more than the cure after it’s affected. There are many health organizations running for the betterment of healthy living society. These organizations run with the motive to aware people about health. We also must take care of our health and be a lead the way so that others learn from us. Let’s start from an individual and take an initiative for Healthy & Happy life.


A disease is a particular abnormal condition that affects the part or all of an organism. It is generally caused by external source, such as infectious bacteria, or virus or parasites. It may be also caused by internal malfunction of certain system or organ of the body of living things. In case of human being, ‘disease’ has broader concept, it refers to any condition such as pain, malfunction of organ, social problems to the person that decreases the capability of human being. It also includes injuries, disabilities, infections caused due to accidents that may occur in day to day life during living process. Diseases not only affect people physically, but also emotionally as it greatly affects person’s personality, and perception towards life. There are mainly four types of diseases i.e i) Pathogenic disease ii) Deficiency disease iii) Hereditary disease iv) Physiological disease Other types of diseases also include communicable and non-communicable disease. i) Pathogenic disease: Pathogenic disease is caused by organism such as virus, bacteria, fungus etc. these types of disease are transferred by human contact or natural environmental sources such as air, water, soil. These types of disease can be fatal and leads towards death if not treated on time. Some examples of Pathogenic disease are smallpox, influenza, ebola etc ii) Deficiency diseases: Deficiency disease is caused by lack of required amount of nutrient particle in human body. Human body needs different kinds of mineral and vitamins to carry out different functions of body, and if any of these mineral or vitamins lacks it leads to cause deficiency disease.the disease can be controlled if the vitamins or minerals that is lacking in the body is fulfilled. Some examples of deficiency diseases are scurvy, malnutrition etc iii) Hereditary disease: Hereditary disease are caused by inherit character of genes that are transferred from one generation to other. These types of disease are supposed to be transferred from one generation to other, this disease could not be cured, but could be prevented from occurring and its affects to different part of body, could be controlled through proper medication. E.g. of such diseases are diabetes, high blood pressure. The one specific character of this type of diseases is it may remain inactive in some generations. iii) Physiological disease: The disease caused by malfunction of any cell, tissue organ or system in human body are termed as Physiological disease. They are the most dangerous diseases one could have, could be solved in some cases and couldn’t be in other. Some example of these diseases are hemochromatosis, paralysis etc. Communicable diseases are such kind of diseases that could easily transfer from one person to another due to physical contact, or factors that are present in the environment like air water, soil, etc. Communicable disease causes epidemics sometimes, for e.g. Ebola, Common Cold, etc. it is caused by viral infection. Non communicable diseases are such kind that doesn’t transfer from one person to other; it is rather caused by malfunction of certain organs or systems of body. They are considered to be fatal disease, for e.g. brain tumour, heart diseases etc.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Human life and properties are surrounded by full of uncertainities created by people.The  risk of human life has been increasing over the year because of developments in science and technology.The uncertainities which create losses are known as risks.Human risks are classified into financial and non-financial risk can't be measured in monetary value.The job of over coming the risk is done by insurance companies.Insurance policy or insurance is an agreement made between two parties in which one promises the other to compensate the loss due to fire,death,theft,accident or other factors.Insurance relieves from uncertainties or risks.Insurance requires involvement of two parties i.e insurer and insured.Insurer is the insurance company who agrees to take the risk and to compensate the loss against payment of premium and Insurer is aperson or organization who desires to insure his life or property against certain risks. Insurance policy can neither eliminate nor remove all risks.But it saves business from great financial losses.

Insurance is in the stage after crossing of different stages.There is no evidential proof about the exact time of origin of insurance in the world.The insurance service was also in practice in ancient time but it was of different way.Evidence in the record of insurance shows that the traditional insurance existed even before 400 BC.There is no evidence about the existence of insurance before 12th century.The contribution of modern marine insurance goes to Edward Lloyd,he used to publish insurance news regularly.He developed the concept of registration and renewal of marine insurance at his home.Nowadays,there is chanceof loss in every step.Risk involves the losses.Insurance is a tool which reduces the cost of loss or effect of loss caused  by different risks.Insurance is essential to human beings to spread out the losses cause due to natural calamities or any other reasons.It minimizes risk of loss in business.So,it promises trade,industry and commerce leading to economic development of the nation.Insurance protects against the financial loss by providing financial security to dependent or insured.It protects for loss of our own life and property from various incidents and accidents.It provides financial protection against any losses which creates confidence in the people.It removes fear,tension,risk etc in future and performs his activities peacefully.Insurance encourages the businessman to operate his business even in large scale because insurance make sure of his earning because the insurance company will pay a fixed amount at the time of death,damaged by fire,theft etc.It also helps in economic development of the country by providing favourable environment to industries,trade and services.Insurance company collects capital through premium and issuing shares and debentures.Insurance company pays different types of taxes to government out of their profit and it also helps to increase government revenue.Insurance utililzes the collected fund which helps to develop trade and industry.And the remaining amount of capital is realeased as loan to small,medium and large-scale business and industries.It helps to increase revenue,reduce inflation,employment opportunities.Insurance helps in increment of employment opportunities,it increase their income and improve living standard.Insurance promotes business by minimizing risk/loss.It helps to increase in production and decrease in impact of inflation.It also tries to control the over circulation of money.