Thursday, November 20, 2014

The best alive programmer on the earth

In the present world, many programmers are being produced and many of them are very good programmers. But the question of Million Dollar is " Who is the best alive programmer on the earth?" really there is no way that can say who is the best programmer at present. Though we cannot select one individually, we can select some programmers of whose achievements and skills prove them as the upper-class programmers of the world. Today you are going to be introduced with such 14 super-class alive programmers in the world. Jon Skeet: Reason of being famous: Supper hero of the contributors in Stack overflow. Contribution and Achievement: He is a google engineer and writer of "C# in De". He replied at a rate of 450 question a month in stack overflow and deserved the highest reputation score in all time. Someone commented about him " Jon Skeer is such a programmer that when a compiler failed to compile he begged pardon from him". Or " Jon Skeet does not follow any law. It is low what he writes." Gennady Korotkevich: Reason of being famous: Amazing boy of competitive programming. Contribution and achievement: The most little participant in The International Olympiad in Informatics. When he took part in International Olympiad in Informatics he was only 11. He won 6 gold medals at a stretch from 2007 to 2012 in the competition. He was a participant of Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM) in 2013 and Facebook Hacker Cup winner than in 2014. He is still in the second position in the Codeforces and Topcodder ranking. His other name is 'Tiurist'. Nuka Shrinivas Rao said about him " Tourist was a genius". Linus Torvalds: Reason of being famous: Inventor of the open source operating system Linux. Contribution and achievement: Linus Torvalds invented Linux kernel and a version of open source control system. He got an EFF Pioneer Award in 1998, Lovelace award of British Computer Society in 2000, Millanium Technology Prize 2012 and Computer Pioneer award of IEEE computer society and so on. Moreover, he ascended Holl of fellows in Computer history museum in 2008 and Internet Hall of fames in 2012. Jeff Dean: Reason of being famous: He is called the back brain of google search indexing. Contribution and achievement: Assisted in designing many large-scale distributed systems of google and worked to materials such as Website scrolling, Indexing and Searching, Adsence, Map reduce, BigTable. He was selected by national academy of engineering in 2009. He got ACM'S SINGOPS MARK WEISTER AWARD and ACM- INFISYS FOUNDATION in computer science. John Cermack: Reason of being famous: Invented popular horror type science friction First-person shooter game DOOM in 1993. Contribution and achievement: He is the co-founder of American game development company id Software and invented player first person game such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. He contributed specially in computer graphics technology, adaptive tally referees, binary space partitioning and suppress coaching. He ascended Academy of Interactive Science Hall of Fame in 2001 and got a lifetime achievement award by achieving Game Developers Choice Awards. Dinblock said " Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake was revolting game in that time that influenced a generation of designers. Chris Morris said about him" He is the Mozart of computer codding". Richard Stallman: Reason of being famous: Inventor of Emacs, GCC. Contribution and achievement: He established GNU project and created many core tools like Emacs, GCC, GBB and GNU Make. Besides, he founded the Free Software Foundation. He got ACM's Grace Murray Hopper Award in 1990 and EFF's Pioneer Award in 1998. Petr Mitrecheve: Reason of being famous: One of the topmost programmers of all time. Contribution and achievement: He achieved a gold medal twice in the International Olympiad in Informatics. Besides, he was the TpoCoder open algorithm champion. He was a member of Facebook hacker Chou 2011 f 013 winner. He is in 4th position in TopCoder and Codeforces ranking till now. Febrice Bellard: Reason of being famous: Inventor of QEMU. Contribution and achievement: He invented a platform of QEMU, hardware emulation and varchualization; ffmpeg, Tiny C Compiler and LZEXE for multimedia information management; an excitable file compressor and many other well known open source software programs. He won obfuscated C Code Contest in 200 and 2001 and google O'Really open source Award in 2011. He had a world record of counting the greatest digit of the value of pi. Pavan Yara said " Fabfi Bellard is one of the most productive programmer of the world."

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