Saturday, November 15, 2014


The first question that strikes in mind when we think about Health is “How many of us think, we are healthy & fit? Many of you might say that yes, I am healthy since I am able to do work but healthy body doesn’t just mean the ability to work or absence of disease. World Health Organization defines Health as” a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. The term “Health” is such a wide and the most important term in living society. Health can basically be said as the complete physical and mental condition of living organisms. Health is the metabolic efficiency of living beings. It is the way to success, way to happiness, and way to contentment. A healthy person is always happy and will have a successful life. Even our cultures & religious beliefs tell us healthy body is the only asset of our life. Healthy body doesn’t only mean an individual’s health; this also includes a healthy family, healthy society & healthy environment. The important factors in order to concede healthy life is fresh air, healthy water, appropriate diet, proper sanitation, clean environment and simple hard work. Physical fitness is not complete healthy living life, healthy body also involves alert mind & wise decision making which means the way to healthy living is through the inner as well as outer fitness. We cannot call ourselves healthy unless we have positive thoughts and internal alertness. Everyone is linked to each other; we cannot consider only an individual’s health. Talking about living a healthy life, person is completely healthy only when his surrounding is healthy. So, everyone and everything around us must be kept in consideration rather than just being considerate about physical fitness. The famous saying of “Health is Wealth” is not just a saying; it is the reality of life. We consider wealth as the money we have, the expensive ornaments and their quantity but this is not the case, wealth is basically, how happy we are, how satisfied we are, how fit we are and how capable we are. Healthy person is most happy and happiness means wealth. Hence, Healthy life is happy life, Healthy life is wealthy life. According to a research in total about only 15% of population are healthy, and among that 85% left, other 15% are admitted to hospitals for treatment, the left 70% of population consider themselves to become healthy. Though they seem healthy, but they are internally suffering. In the name of modernization, people are not focusing on health issues. Human life is deteriorating; people have just been depending upon medicines for their health. They must be thinking about prevention more than the cure after it’s affected. There are many health organizations running for the betterment of healthy living society. These organizations run with the motive to aware people about health. We also must take care of our health and be a lead the way so that others learn from us. Let’s start from an individual and take an initiative for Healthy & Happy life.

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