Saturday, November 15, 2014

Global Warming:

The tremendous amount of gas is causing a global rise in tempature, which is known as global warming. The order of importance in contributing to global warming induced by human is carbon dioxide C70% Methane C20% and other C10%. During the formation that there is various of temperature. In the beginning the earth was too hot and there was snow gradually it became cool and the temperature and climate became stable. As a result,plant and animals evolved among animal the human being is the most developed one. Being many activities started on the earth from which the lifestyle became easier and easier. However the use of modern appliances produces many more wastes including poisonous gases that affect the natural temperature. As a result there is change in climate. Since the late 1950s the period of adequate observation and from weather balloons the overall global temperature increases in the lowest layer of the atmosphere and in surface. Environmentalists were concerned that the burning of fossils fuel (Coal,Oil and Gas) was intensifying the green house effect by increasing the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the most common gas produced in fossils fuel combusting of all the green house gases carbon dioxide is the most important factor in global warming because of its relatively long life span and its it.Prevalence both as a byproduct of the fossils fuel combustion that power modern industrial systems and as part of natural cycle that can be pushed out of balance. Most scientists agree that the single most important goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emission by as much and as soon as possible. In both developed and developing human societies,much of the energy is obtained by burning biomass. The reduction of carbon dioxide emission is difficult unless some other alternative fuel sources are not found out. Another way to address the problem of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is to take advantage od the ability of plant and other organisms to remove carbon form the air and incorporate it into cell close in their tissues or into other compounds.Fro example : the reforestation of degrade non-arable land could remove carbon form the air.

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